Marketing Apps/Websites That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

The growth in technology has opened a new way of marketing your company and increasing customer leading to more profits. Firms have invested heavily in technology to ensure they remain relevant in the industry lest they lose to their competitors. One way companies are using to market online and increase website traffic on their site is through the use of marketing Apps.

Here are some of the Apps you should be looking out for, and they will increase your website traffic as they are known to collect accurate data that will enable you plan your business growth.

The Buffer App

It’s an App that will enable you become a content marketing expert and a result-getting online marketer. In the present era, you can’t ignore social media marketing as an essential avenue for getting more customers.

That is where Buffer comes in as you can post your updates at a scheduled time when you know your clients are most likely online. You can manage several of your social media accounts using Buffer.

However, it’s your work to build up relationships with your followers who become your clients by ensuring you respond to all their queries.


The App enables you to save something you have found online, and you would like to view or read later. As a marketer, you need to update yourself on what is happening in your field, and Pocket App will help you in this.

It will enable you to keep your clients updated and well informed.


With this App, you get the tools you need to make you be the best social manager, digital marketer and an e-commerce marketer. There’s no better way to getting more visitors to your site than digital marketing.

Sumall enables you increase your digital marketing skills that will increase your website traffic. With this App, you learn how to manage your social activities and what to market to your online customers.

Google Docs Research Tool

As a social marketer, you need to do enough research to understand your product and market well. With this App, you can directly conduct your research from your document without the use of search engine, and it saves time.

With marketing, you have to ensure you post your products on time, and this is where this App comes in; you always get to do your things on time.

Whenever doing your marketing and to ensure your provide your visitors with what they need, you must back up your data with credible information got through research.


With increased visitors in your site, it always leads to more leads and link building. Sometimes it might not produce instant results but will pay off sometimes later in the future.

The App enables you to have new and fresh information that will increase website traffic on your site. Visitors always want to find new posts or data whenever they visit your website.

The App helps you in cleaning and format an article very fast and enables you save the precious time that might be limited.

Hemingway App

Whatever you post on your site should be accurate and correct. The App always highlights common errors in your weak writing and hence enables you to make the necessary correction in time.

It quickly identifies the problems, categorize them into groups and helps you to know what needs to be done to fix the problem.


As an online marketer, if you wish to increase your website traffic, you must learn to be strategic with your content. Your visitors need to get value from your content so as to come back again and with new clients.


In case you want to increase your website traffic, you need to invest in interactive content for your visitors. You will engage your buyers actually with interactive content.

With ThingLink, you can quickly create a particular content that is interactive like clickable images.


The App is useful for marketers who aren’t professional designers and want to get the attention of their visitors through designing.

You can design customized images that carry the information you want shared with your guests.

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