When does it make sense to buy traffic for a blog?

Buy traffic for a blog? Yes, that’s what I said. Although understand your reasoning and I feel that the title is not entirely clear.

Therefore buying visits is not a necessity but now if your starting a new project from scratch I would not hesitate a second to invest in Facebook Ads from the first post. Things has changed from years ago when SEO just took control. Now it’s harder to get traffic.

Launch a blog investing 20 euros on Facebook Ads

Imagine that you have organised a spectacular party and nobody comes. This is more or less the feeling the vast majority of bloggers when launching a new blog. It is a mixture of misunderstanding, disappointment and demotivation that makes many throw in the towel too early. You have to understand the rules of blogging.

At first absolutely nobody knows you. Google wants to hear from you within the first couple of months because it believes that you have to prove you’ve built your blog with more than 1 or 2 quality posts (many many bloggers leave even before the first is published).

If you throw together a new blog and want people to come you have to invest some money so they know there’s a party. Ideally you have prepared for this spectacular launch event.

In such a case and you show them these first visitors of what you can offer and incentives they can get buy signing up to your website and becoming a follower.

Increase your list of subscribers with a small hook

The most prepared new bloggers offer a small gift like a guide or a course . It’s what’s called out there as a lead magnet you personally don’t have too, but if you offer something out there about something you already know about your starting to build your reputation as a content influencer  you don’t have to pretend …;)

Investing just €1 euro a day with Facebook Ads using the appropriate segmentation with the perfect hook for that audience you could grow your list with 5-10 new subscribers every 24 hours. These do not come free but I think it is a avenue worth studying.

Promote a product or service related to your blog

Having a community in a blog is a great advantage when you want to launch a commercial offer.

You’re always going to be be limited to the scope but once you have a community and I count your email list as a community. And it is now going to save you you a lot of money being able to market to your own audience.

Investing in advertising will not guarantee more sales. It’s not easy to get ROI with ads so my strategy is always based on capturing leads.

This means that investing in Facebook Ads announcing a launch or something something similar helps me create expectations on the one hand and on the other hand create a database to which you can draw on with others in the future.

Bloggers by nature are stingy. If we can save 3 euros even though we have invested two hours of work we will.

It may sometimes be a good idea to change the tune.

Our time is worth something and the necessary investment needed to enable us to get more performance often is more than reasonable.

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