Simple changes that have a big effect on your Google Adwords

Adwords can be difficult task to make work for you, breaking even can even been seen as a success! providing have collected some extra email address that you can turn into customers later and you hopefully have thrust your branding onto people,  every time a person clicks on a link to your website, that can be seen as one step closer to having brand recognition.

Simple things are very important and any one involved in digital marketing should at this stage realise that there is some much information based on other people’s experiences that you too can learn so much from others companies campaigns.

When it comes to Adwords, and before you embark on an Adwords campaign you should try the things that work in the industry, data is the most important factor, and two types of data can help you improve—datasets from your competition and data from your own funnels.

To help us better understand search ads and how being creative makes the biggest differences in performance, I’ve looked at  in Jason Puckett, CEO & Founder of AdBasis.

AdBasis is an A/B and multivariate testing platform for search, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason’s expertise resides in the ad testing arena.

In summary of the Infographic below:

1) Headline Text

  • Trademarks in a Adwords ad get more clicks the a colon :,  ? maks, peroids (.), and Hyphens

One of the most influential factors found is including the ® or ™ in the headline. If you have a brand that people recognise, catch their attention by using these symbols!


2) Display Url

  • Use the “www” prefix

Using the “www” prefix in your Display URL has an increasing CTR by 54%

3) Description 1 & 2

  • Use numbers and more numbers

The human mind is drawn to numbers when evaluating an area of pure text. Any time a numeric value was used in Description1 and Description2, there was a significant lift in CTR

4) Entire Ad

  • Instill a sense of urgency

The words “Get” and “Now” have a very powerful impact on conversation rate. While words like “FREE” and “TRIAL” can help you get more clicks.

strong words

Full Infographic:


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