The Rise Of Instagram As A Marketing Platform


Social media has proven to be a very powerful tool in the business circle thanks to its millions of users. This has enabled entrepreneurs to market their products and create a customer base worldwide.

For the veterans who have mastered the medium, it has been a perfect marketing platform for establishing their brands. Instagram is the new kid in the block.

Since its inception in October 2010, it has been attracting more users all over the world. Its use of pictures and videos makes it even more appealing.

This mobile app was started to allow its users to share pictures and videos around the world. It is often preferred because of its use of filters to customize images and deliver them perfectly.

In Addition, It’s Convenient As The Same Content Posted Can Be Shared On:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumbler
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare

Instagram is also accessible on the web allowing its users to upload photos, view, comment and like on posted pictures.

Instagram was estimated to have over 150 Million users by the end of 2013. Its popularity has been attributed to Instagram being social, free, easy and fun to use, fast and creative. These features have made Instagram more popular and sought-after.

With its many users, Instagram is the perfect marketing tool. A recent study by Iconosquare’s 2015 shows that 70% of Instagram users look for brands on this platform; in addition, 62 % follow a specific brand because they love it.

This can easily lead to the conclusion that most Instagram users are shopaholics making it the perfect marketing platform

Well, So Just How Can You Use Instagram To Grow Your Brand?

Create Your Instagram Business Account

You need to draw a line between your personal account and business account. Your business account should be professional with absence of selfies and snapshots.

To boost traffic to your site, include your link to your business on the account. Settle for a name that is related to your business to show what brand you deals with.

Upload photos that are consistent and only related to your brand. To attract followers, make your profile interesting and catchy. Try to keep it simple, but let it communicate what you deal with.

Command A Strong Following For Your Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words; use this to your advantage. Share photos that are attention-grabbing, unique, and full of personality as this will attract customers to you without feeling pressured.

In addition, show-off your brand and include a wide variety photos to choose from. Avoid uploading photos that are blurry as they make you look unprofessional. Only go for high quality photos.

In addition, take advantage of Instagram filters to bring more life to your posts. As you take them, settle for backgrounds that are pleasant and strengthen your brand.

Since you want to attract more clients, also offer promotions to your followers. This way, you will attract more people who want to take advantage of the special offers.

Well, using Instagram is one of the most effective marketing tools currently around. Business owners can earn brand loyalty and customers will always be coming for more. Remember to always strive to command a high following!

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