Why Search Engine Optimization is important!

There are a lot of people in the world today who might be too quick to proclaim the death of SEO; after all, it has been a few years since the search engine optimization trend exploded onto the market, and it is only natural that it would begin to lose its shine after all this time.

Of course, anyone claiming that SEO is death couldn’t be more wrong. SEO has never been more important; and that is because search engines have never been more popular than they are today.

The majority of the online community use search engines as their gateway to the internet’s many resources; gone are the days when one was required to know the specific address of the website they were searching for before they could gain access to it, not with search engines providing the online community a more convenient means of locating resources on the internet.

+Why SEO is important?

There is a reason some people might have come to presume that SEO is dead. The concept of search engine optimization has changed rather drastically over the years. One would be wrong today to approach SEO as a marketing strategy.

  • Rather, SEO falls more accurately into the branding bracket, and any business that is unwilling to adapt SEO strategies might find itself losing ground in the advent of the benefits those businesses that have adopted SEO are reaping, some of those reasons why SEO is so important including the following:
  • Search Engine optimization works. SEO might have undergone a transformation, but it is the none the less perfectly effective, a competent strategy with which one can still raise awareness about their brand even while increasing traffic to their online resource, traffic that they could leverage for profits.
  • Not only does SEO work, but it is going to continue working for the foreseeable future. There is no reason to expect search engine optimization strategies to lose their relevance anytime soon, not with so many people continuing to make the decision to adopt SEO tactics.
  • SEO is cost effective; this is an undeniable fact. Other forms of marketing like PPC and social media advertising, while pretty effective, can attract a lot of unexpected costs and expenses. Even the most financially constrained individuals can execute search engine optimization, and to great effect.
  • The reason SEO is so important today is because of the rising popularity of search engines. Most individuals today depend upon search engines to navigate the complex halls of the internet. And with so many eyes utilizing search engines like Google and Bing as a guide through the online maze, only those individuals that can maintain a proper presence on the internet through the use of effective SEO strategies can hope to succeed in any noteworthy manner.
  • Mobile devices are fast becoming the most popular means through which individuals are accessing the internet. This is an important factor to keep in mind because search engines are placing even greater emphasis on the deployment of SEO strategies on mobile platforms. In other words, those individuals who were planning to avoid the hullabaloo of SEO by taking their branding and marketing efforts to mobile devices will be sorely disappointed. Simply put, there is no escaping SEO. You can either get onboard the search engine optimization train or accept failure.
  • It is easy to brush SEO off as some fad that will eventually lose its luster; and even if people in the myriads are choosing to jump onto the SEO bandwagon, one can find the rationale in sticking to their guns and holding onto their belief that they can find a way of succeeding without depending on SEO.

It is the sort of stubbornness that some people might commend, until you realize that, while you are continuing to shun SEO and everything the concept stands for, your competitors are quickly making that transition to SEO driven marketing strategies. And with many of your rivals already reaping the benefits of SEO, possibly even cementing a lead you might struggle to overcome, you might have no other choice but to ignore any ill-will you bare for SEO and adopt these strategies, that is if you wish to compete favorably.

The simple fact is this; most people today are executing SEO; and only those individuals that choose to embrace the concept can hope to progress.


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